Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today is the first of what I hope to be many blogs. Mostly these will be about the silly little things that either annoy or excite me within comics, TV, movies, books, toys and video games. The only way to become a bigger geek, was to start opining about stuff on the Internet. So here I am.

For now this blog will be kinda basic bare bones. I'm gonna learn as I go along, so look forward to photos, links to web sites and even videos. Please stick with me as there will probably be lots of changes in the appearence of the page layout and design.

Enjoy these pics of my DC Universe Classics collection. (that was pretty easy)

I have a few ideas for "segments"(all titles subject to editing):

The Essential Showcase of Comic Book Masterworks- I look at comics that I think every comic book lover should have
Weekly Pull List- comic book titles I bought that week
TV Wrap-Up- All the shows on TV that I want to talk about

Also look for video game and movie reviews as well as any other stuff that crosses my mind.

If you haven't already...Check out my YouTube channel.

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