Thursday, November 19, 2009

This Week's Comic Stack

Comics out November 18, 2009

The Good:

  • Adventure Comics #4- Superboy-Prime deals with Black Lantern Alexander Luthor(Earth-3) and the Blackest Knight crossover in the "real" world. There is some great poking fun of the BN event here. The Legion story is about two Legion couples and their love. I'm enjoying these smaller stories featuring a few Legionnaires at a time.
  • Flash: Rebirth #5- So a bunch of reveals in this issue. First, Wally's new suit. Pretty much the same except his lightning bolt symbol has two zig-zags instead of three. His daughter Iris absorbs her brother's speed force and becomes Impulse wearing a variant of Bart's suit. And for those of you who wondered why Barry's mom was murdered when he came back, that is revealed too. A great issue, even with the publishing schedule taking away all the suspense.
  • The Mighty Avengers #31- The Avengers back as a team! For this issue at least. The combo team allowed for some great moments. Hawkeye (Clint will always be Hawkeye)and Stature reenact the famous Ant-Man arrow cover. Clint lets Hank know that "Wanda" isn't Wanda, who then reveals that he knows. Pietro's "it was a Skrull" ploy works with everyone except his daughter Luna...who will always love him, but never respect him.
  • Zorro #17- Continuing the tales of various people's encounters with Zorro. A great way to have done-in-one stories.
  • The Stand: Soul Survivors #2- Larry meets Joe and Nadine. This issue was a lot better than last issue in getting a flow to the scenes.

The Alright:
  • Supergirl #47- This issue focuses on Allura and her feelings about the now captured Reactron. Not done with her political "dirty tricks" yet, she publicly defends him against vigilante mob and advocates a trial and eventual execution. Then fakes his murder to gain intelligence on the humans after Kryptonians (watch out Gen. Lane)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #612- Electro reinvents himself as a anti-corporate corruption activist.
  • Dark Reign: The List-The Amazing Spider-Man- One of the better one-shots in the batch. It's really a combo effort to get the goods on Norman out. It's as Peter that he gets to confront Norman giving a Capra-esque speech (yeah that's from the comic, but true). There is also a backup featuring Luke Cage and Jessica Jones and the aftermath of the Goblin's attack on her. Not too good, I wasn't a fan of Alias(comic). The art is good though, it's Bagley.
  • Realm Of Kings- Quasar investigates the Fault and finds a world where the Avengers are possessed by Lovecraftian Elder God types. He makes it back..., but is it the really the evil Quasar?
  • Realm Of Kings: Inhumans #1- The royal family deals with an attack by Negative Zone forces and Kree and Inhuman political scheming. Then Devos the Devastator attacks, but the Mighty Avengers drop in to interrupt him. Although, their visit is a little different in their own title.
  • The Outsiders #24- Black Lanterns go after the team including a repentant Terra, but given her history is she truly repentant? I am intrigued by this issue. The team seems to be a good one, with good writing and art. This may be worth giving a few chances after the BN crossover ends.

The Bad:

  • Justice Society Of America 80 Page Giant #1- The best of the seven stories is the Jerry Ordway Wildcat(s) one. Meant to be a look at the new members and reveal something about them while contained in a bookend/interstitial story. They are just too disjointed to flow well.

The Verdict:

Five good, six alright and one bad.

Book Of The Week: The Mighty Avengers/Flash: Rebirth (a tie)

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