Thursday, December 10, 2009

This Week's Comic Stack

Again a late or lazy week means no cover pics, sorry. I'm gonna go into more detail about each issue though.

Let's get started.

The Good:
  • Invincible Iron Man #21- Spoiler Alert-----------Steve Rogers is Cap. Things pretty much fall into place as you would expect if you have been reading this series. It's a kick to see Cap and Thor together to save Iron Man. Basically they are going to "reboot" Tony's brain (he made a backup pre-Extremis). The creepy Ghost looms as the threat to the whole "reboot" plan.
  • R.E.B.E.L.S. #11- Tony Bedard does a wonderful job of capitalizing on a crossover with Blackest Night. The last two issues have made me sorry I passed on this series when it started. This is the equivalent to Guardians Of The Galaxy at Marvel. Great space adventure with an interesting mix of characters, only this time led by someone who can be as much a bastard as he can a hero.
  • Adventure Comics #5- The fight between the BLs and SB-Prime is taken to the DC offices. Many staffers and creators get cameos. But the interesting part is when SB-Prime puts on a black ring. He goes through all the emotions (except one, plot point sense...tingling) of the spectrum. What he fears, covets, hates, loves and drives him. There is a nice Twilight Zone ending too. A backup story just serves to tease the Lex Luthor/Superboy meeting, though there is some nice boy and his dog stuff in the beginning.
  • Secret Six #16- Writer favorite Black Alice witnesses the Six at work and decides she wants in. They spend the rest of the issue trying to get rid of her without pissing her off. Simone is great at writing these morally ambiguous characters, particularly Bane. He has supplanted Catman as the moral (such as it is) center of the team. He's also replaced Catman as my favorite, and I haven't liked Bane since Knightfall.

The Alright:

  • Realm Of Kings: Imperial Guard #2- The Starjammers (do two make a team?) go off on a mission with some of their mortal enemies, the Guard. It's mostly about C'Hodd (the big green reptile-y guy) trying to be the leader. He butts heads with Brainia...Mentor. The others Guardsmen have no respect for him. And Raza seems preoccupied with the symbiont that infected him during War of Kings. To make a Star Trek This is very reminiscent of both Star Trek:Voyager and Farscape. A mix of aliens/crew that hate/oppose each other must work together because of their distance from home/society. However, it's not quite *there*, yet.
  • Action Comics #884- While Flamebird makes a deal with Jax-Ur to save Nightwing, Lois is interrogated and threatened by her own father?! Suitably pissed off Perry tells her that if the Planet runs the truth about Mon-El's "death" and the framing of Nightwing and Flamebird, the government will ruin it. So she quits. (Hello, Lois the Blogger I guess) The Lois stuff is the best of this issue. The backup Captain Atom feature has Mon-El bringing him before the (All-New) Justice League. Not much but recap there.
  • Booster Gold #27- This issue suffers from a little from the crossover. Not so much as what to do, as much as "we gotta wrap this up". Booster has to stop the Ted Kord BL. Coming from another creator this could have dropped into the Bad category. The tease for the next arc is cool though.

The Bad:

  • Batgirl #5- This issue totally exhausts the momentum of the previous issues. Batgirl gets in the way of Batman and Robin with a mistake (not trained together). Batman/Dick Grayson tells her and Oracle off for it (yeah, like you should cast stones there Dick). From there the issue became the most pissy comic I've read in a while. Dick gets pissy and tells Babs and Steph to stop and keep out of the Bat Cave. Babs gets pissy at Dick and takes it out on some guy that her Dad is trying to set her up with (weird). Of course, Damian is always pissy so just his presence adds to the general pissiness of the issue. Oh, and at the end Steph gets's just a graze though I'm sure we'll see more pissiness as Dick screams "I told you so!" at Babs next issue.

The Tally: Good- 4(DC-2,Mv-2); Alright- 3(DC-2,Mv-1); Bad-1(DC)

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