Thursday, December 17, 2009

This Week's Comic Stack

So, for the week before Christmas and of my birthday...

In Trade: Deadpool Vol. 2: Dark Reign TPB- Reprints #6-7, 10-12. Deals with the fallout from Secret Invasion and the start of Dark Reign. The absent issues are collected in another trade with Thunderbolt issues as it is a crossover arc. A funny book in the truest sense of the word. The best part of the trade is the Bullseye vs. Deadpool story in the latter half.

And Now-
The Good:

The Mighty Avengers #32- Slott has found the "voices" of the characters which has freed him to focus on the story. In what is a Siege prelude of sorts, Osborn is tired of Pym's team upstaging his "Avengers" and calls together his Cabal. Only Loki responds, playing a deeper game. He has aided the Absorbing Man in escaping his cell at Project Pegasus and alerts both Pym and Osborn to that, setting up a conflict between the two teams. Before they can get into it, the Absorbing Man emerges with the powers of a Cosmic Cube (a piece having been stored at Pegasus). Pham does well with art, but the writing is better with some great one-liners and a Hercules that seems as if he's being written by Greg Pak/Fred Van Lente.

Green Lantern Corps #43- As Soranik Natu tries to revive Kyle, Guy tries to prevent his ring from leaving him. Guy's rage attracts a red ring and he becomes a Red Lantern (although he creates constructs like Hal did) and destroys a bunch of BLs. Kryb makes the mistake of attcking Guy and is dispatched quite quickly and brutally. A Star Sapphire shows up and does some trilck tying Soranik and Kyle's hearts together to revive Kyle. Mogo shows up at the end to the surprise of everyone. It has great art showing full rage and savagery of Guy as a RL.

Amazing Spider-Man #615- The Gauntlet continues with the Sandman. Murders involving a missing child lead Spidey (and the reader)to suspect the Sandman has kidnapped the child and murdered to cover it up. He tries to take him down quick, but learns that he has a new trick. A much better story, with funnier dialogue than the last arc. (Waid must have been rushed). Art by Javier Pulido is also a better fit evoking Ditko and Sale.

The Alright:

X-Factor #200- This title returns to my stack for the first time since Messiah Complex and to the original numbering. Peter David is a great writer, but I think the title got away from him and hopefully, this will bring it back. As Madrox investigates the disappearance of the Invisible Woman for her kids, M gets some disturbing news. The mystery leads back to the loss of Layla. In a second story, Siryn tries to get over the loss of her "son" when she runs into one of Madrox's dupes. Also included are OHotMU entries for the principal cast and the first issue of Madrox the mini series that revived the title. A nice jumping on point, but will new readers really spend the money. At $4.99, it's an expensive book. And fans will most likely know all about the characters and have already read the Madrox series. So I ask "why the extra stuff?"

Captain America: Reborn #5- This is similar to Flash: Rebirth in that they are both series with great writers and artists with what should be important stories and events. However, they have been undercut by shipping late and having other series (that maintained their schedule) spoil their outcome. Therefore, reading the story has no suspense or tension. So, in the issue the Skull and BuckyCap fight while Cap battles for possession of his body. The outcome (no real surprise) has already been revealed by no less than three other titles now.

Realm Of Kings: Inhumans #2- The Mighty Avengers step on the royal family's toes a bit. There is some good dialogue among Ronan, Quicksilver and Crystal and their interesting dynamic. Medusa and Pym share a moment as they reflect upon their recent losses. These bits plus a developing Kree revolt plot and the results of a probe of the Fault (leave that thing alone) revealing energy signatures matching Black Bolt keep my interest in this title going.

Supergirl #48- The revelation that Lana has a mysterious terminal disease leads into the main story about how the detective friend of Kara has become wrapped up in the curse of the Silver Banshee and her revenge. Nothing outstanding, nothing awful, just good solid work.

The Tally:
Good:3 (1-DC; 2-Mv), Alright:3 (1-DC; 2-Mv)
{Note: Justice League Of America was shorted, on reorder}

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