Monday, June 7, 2010

Random Thoughts 14

Suffering from extreme depression over the loss of Lost last week (say that five times fast) I put off a RT, but it's back...

-It's a long way off, but Flash is next to the big screen after the third Nolan Batman and the Superman reboot.

-Hugo Weaving joins Captain America cast as the Red Skull, and Tommy Lee Jones has a part in the movie as well, what role hasn't been revealed yet.

-James McAvoy will portray a young Charles Xavier in the hurried production of X-Men : First Class

-Marvel will release a digital and hard copy of Invincible Iron Man Annual #1 on the same day setting of a flurry of speculation and debate

-Both DC and Marvel were tight-lipped at HeroCon this year.

-DC is getting back all the characters Vertigo "highjacked" including Swamp Thing! Big news, as these characters still existed in the DCU but were verboten when the mature reader imprint got a hold of them (to prevent confusion between an all ages book and an adult)

-While still awaiting the official Mattel confirmation the Four Horsemen announced a Green Lantern Classics offshoot to the DCU Classics line.

-Mattel did annouce a huge production of Green Lantern movie product including basic and deluxe action figures (including wearable rings with each figure) as well as a continuation of the Movie Masters line. It looks like they are following the Dark Knight example.

-Green Lantern will get an animated series in 2012. It will air on Cartoon Network

-Also airing on Cartoon Network in the future...a new Thundercats cartoon. It will have a blend of western and anime influences in the design and animation

-Another 80's toy/TV cartoon property will return on Nicktoons...Voltron! The cool lion version not the vehicle one.

-Mattel will be producing new toys based on the Voltron show.

-Oh, and Thundercats will also support a new toy line from Bandai. Unfortunately, it's the much weaker in quality Bandai America that will run the line.

Guess it's true....everything old is new again.

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