Thursday, June 10, 2010

This Week's Comic Stack 6/9/10

The Good:

  • Booster Gold #33- A great issue. I loved Booster's rant on the JLI's relevence and the trip back in time with the old J'onn, Canary and Max. The perfect companion piece to JL: GL.

  • Justice League: Generation Lost #3- More of Max Lord's machinazations against the JLI. This time focused on Fire being kicked out of Checkmate and bringing in the new Blue Beetle. I really don't see how they're gonna get out of this.

  • Secret Six #22- This story arc wasn't my favorite. It was written well, but I didn't like where it was taking my favorite character of the team, Catman. His kidnapped son had been given up for adoption, rather than subject his son to the life of his parents he let him go. However, he told Chesire that he died...pretty harsh considering that Lian just died. He did so many evil things to find his son that there maybe no way back for the person who was the conscience of the Six. And what does that mean for the others.

  • The Heroic Age: Prince Of Power #2- Thor and Cho had a Mighty Marvel Misunderstanding Melee. While Vali Halfling took over Olympus. He destroyed the Eternal Flame and all but a single vial of ambrosia, aging the immortal gods. Once Thor and Cho worked things out they went in search of the Egyptian Book Of The Dead the next item that Vali needs in his bid to become THE GOD. A clever and funny book.

  • Uncanny X-Men #525- Things got more desparate this issue. As the Avengers and FF try to get through the sphere encapsulating San Francisco, the X-Men face a never ending wave of Nimrod Sentinels. The X-Force team is sent into the future to stop the reinforcements from coming through.

  • Invincible Iron Man #27- Another "talky" issue. But, there was some good scenes and dialogue with Rhodey and Tony as they prepare for the action [I hope] of next issue. Oh and Stark's former secretary Mrs. Arbogast joins Stark Resilient.

  • Captain America #606- Again an issue I don't have an actual problem with, but don't like what they are doing with a character. Zemo returned this issue [he also reappeared in Thunderbolts] and to a more villainous demeanor. I don't hate this, but find it sells the character and his progress as a "person" short. Now, I may be surprised later on...and I can see a reason why Zemo would act like this (his father's greatest achievement, a failure), but I felt he was a different man. It's also gonna be interesting to see how this gels with the Thunderbolts. I loved the continuity nods in this issue, especially the dream sequence that references Steranko's classic issues.

The Alright:

  • Avengers Academy #1- I liked the twist this successor to Initiative had. The McKone art was good, but something was missing. I wasn't as wowed as I was with his Teen Titans. So I'm still not sold on this title.

  • Batman #700- This read better the second time around. Grant Morrison used an obscure villain and plot device to tell a story about Batman (or the men who are Batman) through the ages. From Bruce to Terry all the way up to the Year 1,000,000 Batman. I liked that aspect, but it was not enough to get me to enjoy the issue.

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