Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Thoughts 3

-Someone bought a copy of Action Comics #1 (Superman's debut) for... [bad Dr. Evil impression]one million dollars. Both the buyer and the seller remain a secret. This is the most expensive comic in the world, beating out another copy of Action #1 by $700,000. Guess I know where that a mill goes when I win Powerball.

-Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths is second best DC DTV. (the first being New Frontier) The Blu-Ray version has:

  • a doc on the many different Crhisis that have occurred in the DCU since 60's with lots of creator interviews

  • four episodes (two two-parters) of Justice League

  • The first of a series of shorts focusing on lesser known characters. This time it's an excellent Spectre story with Jim Corrigan in a nod to his 70's horror/noir stories

  • A sneak peak at Under The Red Hood, the next DTV

  • The Wonder Woman TV pilot (Linda Carter starring)

  • The Mercy Reef/Aquaman pilot. The crew behind Smallville give Arthur Curry the same treatment as Clark Kent. They liked the actor so much that they cast him as Green Arrow when the series didn't get picked up.

-The Christopher Nolan "overseeing" the next Superman movie rumor [false] would be something I'd totally be happy with. Goyer's writing it BTW.

-More DC ring promos on the way. A White Lantern ring joins the Flash and second GL ring. It will also be included in the set of light-up rings in July/August from DC Direct.

That's all for now--

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