Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random Thoughts 4

Thoughts this week

-At first I thought that having Jack and company never crash on the island was a terrible idea. That it would eliminate all the growth of the characters since they've been on the island. Now....I'm thinking it might actually be best.

-NEW Avengers?.... C'mon, they're not really new, are they? Why not Newer Avengers...? New New Avengers...? All New, All Same...? New, Improved...? Shiny New...? Brand Spankin' New...?

-What is with the price of action figures? I was in Wal-Mart and they had some of the DC Universe Classics series 12 (Eclipso, Dr. Midnight, and Iron) and they were $14.99! Now, I haven't bought these figures at retail since they first came out because they're too hard to find, but I recall them being $9.99-10.99. That was, what..2006/2007? I knew I was getting the set online for about $20/figure (shipping cost included) to not deal with tracking all the set down. Then I looked through the Marvel Universe figures and found a Namor (YES!) they were on sale for $7.99, regular price...$9.99. The 3 and3/4 inch Marvel Universe cost the same as Marvel Legends (a 6inch scale) used to. I feel like an old man now... "In my day, you could buy a whole set of eight figures and a build-a-figure for $80, plus they all came with comics."

-I bought a bunch of trades this week:

The three volumes of the excellent House Of Mystery. A great ongoing series that pays homage to its anthology roots by including a story within a story with guest artists.

A few Essentials each $6 on sale at my LCBS. X-Men Vol. 6 & 7, which comprise about half of the X-Men comics I sold off a few years back. Moon Knight Vol. 2 which was a whim. A steal as regular price is $17.

The Incredible Hercules Dark Reign HC (normally $20) for $8

-I'm reliving my childhood a bit. Monday I got the Masters Of The Universe Classics figures I ordered a few weeks ago. (would have come Fri. if not for the snow). Trap Jaw is cool and Battle Cat is great. The MotU figures are the only toys of mine that my Mom (and me) gave away. I didn't think I would miss those things, but seeing He-Man riding Battle Cat again was very satisfying. It feels wrong to look at a piece of plastic and feel the way I do. Is it because of the nostalgia, or the fact that I know there are others that weren't able to get the figure?

Okay, enough for now...

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