Friday, March 12, 2010

Random Thoughts 5

-I'm gonna stop reading Superman soon. JMS is taking over as writer on the title. Why, DC....why? And it's not enough to give him one DC icon, but you have to give him Wonder Woman too?

-I saw the new Iron Man 2 trailer with suitcase armor

-Tron: Legacy looks awesome too. Both Bruce Boxlitner and Jeff Bridges appear. I got so into it I added the original to my Netflix queue.

-Wish I could have been one of the lucky ones. Earlier in the week on, a glitch on the site caused many of the Marvel Omnibus' to be marked down to $14 to $8. A notice was put up several hours later about the issue, but the site is honoring the price for many orders. Of course, I heard about this long after it was fixed.

- Sean McKeever on Young Allies....because he did such a good job on Teen Titans.

-The Avengers Academy role call.... not too impressive.

-The covers to Batman: the Return Of Bruce Wayne made me think: Cave-Bat, Solomon Bat-Kane , Bat-Beard, the Lone Batzorro and Spirit of the Bat

-Hugo Weaving is in talks to be the RED SKULL. All I can think of is him saying (ala Smith from The Matrix) "I'm going to enjoy watching you die...Mr. Rogers."

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