Saturday, March 27, 2010

Random Thoughts 7

With lots of deaths in the news lately I'd like to remember:
  • Peter Graves- Mr. Phellps on Mission Impossible (1960's and 1980's), Capt. Ouver in Airplane, the "mole" Price in Stalag 17 and the MST3K/Sci-Fi "classics" It Conquered The World and The Beginning Of The End
  • Robert Culp- Kelly Robinson on I-Spy (check out episodes on Hulu), Bill Maxwell on "Greatest American Hero" and Halcyon Renard on Gargoyles
  • Dick Giordano- artist and inker of hundreds of DC comics including Batman, Detective Comics, Action Comics and the inker that helped "make" Neal Adams including the Green Lantern/Green Arrow and Ras' Al Ghul Batman stories.

-Johnny Stor....I mean, Chris Evans is Captain America! Really...? Sure he was the best thing in two FF movies, but I don't know if he has the chops to be the Cap I want to see. Then is the Cap in the movie gonna BE the Cap I want to see?

-So...Marvelman's in and Sentry's out?....Is that where things are going?

-Lost: Last episode just answered almost all the questions there were about Richard. Only two more months left...

Not much, 'til next time!

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