Thursday, April 1, 2010

How DC Ruined Comics For Me

Talk about your stupid, overwraught, drawn out storylines. This week DC has far surpassed Marvel in that type of comic book storytelling.

I'm talking, of course about the train wreck that is Blackest Night!

Where to start?

The writing:

Geoff Johns is such a hack! This is nothing more than giving service to the fanboys out there! want this guy back from the dead?....No problem! How about her?.... and this guy?...Sure!....I'll even throw in this guy, because I like him so much. [Notice how I did that spoiler free] Plus, he just crams in so many things to get this story resolved that he readers have had no time to process what they have just read, things just keep coming at them. I mean he doesn't even fully end the plotlines in this issue. He leaves about a half dozen or so dangling storylines that readers will have to follow up by reading other books. One could say this was nothing more than a clever marketing scheme for his next comic series. However, if Brightest Day means more of this type of writing then I don't have much hope for it as a series or his future at DC as a writer.

The Art:

Ivan Reis has worked in comics steadily for the last few decades. The scope of this series and the last issue in particular are too great for him. I mean, this is the type of project that you would want the cream of the crop on. I'm talking about artists like George Perez or ...well, only Perez could have done this,...but Jim Lee or Phil Jimenez or Rags Morales have done epic scale stories well. Even Van Sciver could have done this (taking forever though). Sure, Reis tries...I just hope he can find work after this.


Of course! Blackest Night #8 is AWWWWWEEEESOMMMMMMMMEEEE!

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