Thursday, April 15, 2010

This Week's Comic Stack 4/14/10

The Good:
  • The Flash #1- It's Barry's first day back on the job (an apt story for his return to a Flash title as the lead, and his own #1 issue) he stops the Trickster, meets his co-workers at the crime lab, responds to a crime scene with a body in a Mirror Master suit, then meets some "future" cops using devices and costumes based on the Rogues. Some nice art by Francis Manapul in here. I was sad that Scott Kolins wasn't going to be the artist, but Manapul is a good replacement. The fanboy in me thinks it would be cool if and when Barry goes into Keystone, those panels/pages be drawn by Kolins.
  • Brightest Day #0- We learn that "Deadman" can bring back dead little birdies (and maybe people even?) with his White Ring. For the rest of the issue he bounces around Earth (and to Mars)to all the resurrected people. This results in little tidbits of what these characters will be dealing with in the months to come. Whether in this title or others.
  • Secret Six #20- Catman makes a choice and because of it starts upon a dark path. Most of the six then set out to prevent him from going too far down that path, because they view him as being better than they are. And of all the members of the Six he is the closest one that could make the transition to "hero". Also, events in this issue are particularly interesting given what happened in JL:Cry For Justice.
  • Booster Gold #31- Remember how I said that last issue was the end of Dan Jurgens run on the book?...Well that's really this issue. It's a nice sweet story that serves as an epilogue to not just this arc, but the series as a whole. There is even a tease to follow Rip Hunter's adventures in Return of Bruce Wayne and Time Masters. Time Masters?....I haven't even heard about this. In today's day and age that's odd.
  • Adventure Comics #10- The Mon-El and Superboy stories combine and the mole in Gen. Lane's HDC is found out (well he "knew all along"). The two Superboys part is done well, but the mole story...well it must pay off somehow. I just don't see why it was needed.

The Alright:

  • New Mutants #12- Wells continues the tension of the event reenforcing the fact that even though the mutants have powers they are still outnumbered. The Newbies have a dangerous and crucial task of confronting the Right troops at their base and prevent them from providing reenforcements to the troops after Hope who are engaging the X-Men. With the "Death" Archangel, cyborg Cameron Hodge and all the mutant haters the X-books are very 90's nostalgic.
  • Doomwar #1- Actually from last week. I picked this up because a friend enjoyed it. And I did too. I hadn't read any Black Panther since Marvel dumped Priest for Hudlin on the character. I could see a bit of the Priest Panther in this issue. It was good enough to make me want to pick up the next issue.
  • Siege: Captain America #1- Christos N. Gage writes this passable little adventure with the two Caps. Aside from having a lame (i.e. easily beatable) villain in Razorfist there is a nice part where Bucky says he is Cap to a little kid.
  • Siege: Young Avengers #1- I am not a Sean McKeever fan (he ran Teen Titans into the ground) but he does a resonable job with telling the adventures of the YAs during Siege. I wished more of the Siege: books had similar plots. There is so much going on, that one-shots focusing on certain characters or teams are almost needed to give some emotion to the story.
  • Action Comics #888- I'm so tired of this avatar for Kryptonian deities storyline. Even with the guest appearence of the JSA and Wonder Woman couldn't get me into this issue. The Captain Atom story invokes pretty much the same reaction.

No trades for sale that caught my eye...I was hoping to get Essential Daredevil Vol. 5, but the store did not get any.

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