Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Thoughts 8

-Blackest Night #8....Best issue of 2010(so far)

-Greg Rucka leaves DC. Huh?.....Despite all the friendly comments from both Rucka and DC offices there has to be something else going on here. Rucka is one of DC's MVPs...and he decides to just quit?

-the amount of non-news from Wondercon....It seems that the comic companies were pretty tight lipped (the usual wait and see runaround) while the movie companies treated fans well. Disney hocked Prince Of Persia, Sorcerer's Apprentice and Toy Story 3 with stars . While Warner Bros. pushed Inception with a Christopher Nolan surprise appearance, The Losers cast, Nightmare On Elm Street (new fan fave Jackie Earle-Haley app.), and Splice (a movie about animal/human hybrids that I never heard of before)

-Sherlock Holmes on Blu-ray....I love the interactive commentary with Guy Ritchie basically giving a lecture (fun one) during the movie. A novel idea to actually see him come on screen with the movie playing behind him on a "board". There are a few docs about the various aspects of making the movie. I was surprised at just how many location shoots there were.

-Toy Story/Toy Story 2....I re-bought these for Blu-ray. There are a few new features, but it's mostly a revamp of the 10th Anniversary DVD release. I enjoyed the shorts that added animation to stories that various crew members told about the "silly and wacky" stuff that went on behind the scenes. There were three of these each disc. On Toy Story 2 there was a tribute to Joe Ranft who passed after making Cars.

-Leonard Kirk is the new artist on New Mutants

-The role of Rick Grimes has been cast for the AMC TV adaptation of The Walking Dead. I don't know the dude (he's English) but he looks the part.

That's all for now...

-V.....It's back on the air and depite ABC's marketing campaign, I don't care.

-Lost....The episode focuses on Sun and Jin and their alt. history. And brings Desmond back! I am more and more convinced that the side flashes are actually going to be where the characters end up finally.

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