Friday, April 30, 2010

This Week's Comic Stack 4/28/10

The Good:

  • Captain America #605- Bucky Cap and Falc take down the nutso 50's anti-commie Cap and his Watchdog group. Bucky's decision at the climax shows how he's different than Steve as Cap, yet so similar at the same time. Oh, and Nomad and Ariana get more buddy-buddy in the conclusion to the plug for Young Allies

  • Invincible Iron Man #25- The reset mind of Tony Stark comes to terms with his "missing" time and things are set in motion for the current arc involving Hammer Industries taking over as the premiere military tech manufacturer. Sound similar to Iron Man 2? It does seem that thematically the two parallel each other. The one nit I must pick is the fact that Stark really hasn't made weapons (aside from IM suits) for a long time (both in comic and real time), yet it the reader is made to think that this is a brand new policy.

  • Green Lantern Corps #47- More resolutions to the bits of plot left over from Blackest Night. Including a repeal of the Third Law of Oa and a change for Kilowog. Well done.

  • Superman #699- Mon-El and the Legion go after the shrunken cities of Brainiac, while Superman and Zod fight Brainiac himself.

  • Superman: Last Stand Of New Krypton #3- Ending the threat of Brainiac, Zod uses the opportunity to sieze power and declare war on the Earth. Leading to the...,you guessed it,...War Of The Supermen (#0 free this Saturday for FCBD)

The Alright:

  • Fantastic Four #578- Each issue of this has been a self contained story, yet there has not been an over arcing story line. This issue hints at those stories finally intersecting next issue. The art is the quality work expected from Eaglesham, too bad there isn't more for him to do.

  • Action Comics #889- Finally the ho-hum Kryptonian god storyline is over. I was surprised at how interested I was in this Nightwing and Flamebird when they started, and how wrong it turned when it got into Kryptonian mythology.

  • Amazing Spider-Man #629- Stern ends his Juggernaut vs Captain Universe story. It does explain why Cap U is after Juggie and that the host had twisted the Cap U power for his own ends. Also, there is a prologue for the Zeb Wells Lizard story.

The Bad:

  • X-Force #26- Yeah, this is personal! One of my favorite X-Men is killed in this issue. And it's pretty arbitrary. They could have killed anyone, this particular character is a well known established one so that makes it "mean" more. So...who is it?....Nightcrawler. Yes, the fuzzy elf 'ports no more. At least for the next ten years (the average time for characters to remain "dead")


  • Mighty Avengers #36- either sold out or shorted at the store.

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