Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Week's Comic Stack 3/31/10

The Good:
  • Amzing Spider-Man #627- Roger Stern returns to Spidey with a great story that references [complete with footnotes!] to previous issues and an interesting cliffhanger.
  • New Mutants #11- The Siege hits the X-books focusing on Moonstone's deal with Hela to have power to face Ares (in Uncanny X-Men during X-topia) and how that relates to the dying Asgardians.
  • Adventure Comics #9- Brainiac 5 has to time travel to save the future while Superboy, Supergirl and the Legion members already in the present try to unify the Kryptonians with a telepathic kick to their...caste system. And more of Zod's plant on Gen. Lane's HDC

The Alright:

  • Detective Comics #863- A reasonably good conclusion to the double story with Batman and Batwoman. A big plus is the fact that Scott Kolins contributes several pages to the story as artist. The kicker is the end with Bette Kane possibly becoming a partner to Kate as Batgirl?[taken] Flamebird? [a Kryptonian criminal by the DCU drive by media]. And the big bad of the Question story is revealed.
  • Realm Of Kings:Inhumans #5- Maximus' dealings have all been on Medusa's orders to solidify the Kree/Inhuman alliance. Before they can deal with this the probe they sent to the Fault returns with the monsterously mutated Kree crew members now one giant monster. After destroying it the Inhumans recieve word of the Galactic conference called by the GoG and Shi'ar.
  • Fantastic Four #577- In a "let's give this another try" moment I picked this up. Hickman introduces a neat idea of the Kree creating "Inhumans" out of other species (Dire Wraiths, Badoon, Kymellan). Of course, they have their eyes set on Earth as a base to launch a new kingdom ruled by the soon to be resurrected Black Bolt. The great art by Eaglesham cant cover up the fact that there is still something missing in the writing.
  • Justice League Of America #43- The new team is together for all of a one page splash page before Rise and Fall fallout and other stories start taking away members. Meanwhile the bad guys reveal their plot to the a double page spread of the Multiverse [ooooooo....] I continue to hope this title improves.
  • X-Men: Second Coming #1- Starting off the next X-over, Chris Yost and Kyle Craig do a pretty good job. With some nice tension of the threat and the chase/action scene this almost made it to the "Good" list. I like Cyclops putting into perspective theThe one thing that made me scratch my head was the reveal of the Human League...sorry, make that Sapien League. [eighties pop reference]I had thought that most of those people had been dealt with once and for all. This League is almost every anti-mutant human villain in the last forty-five years brought together.

And now a new catagory: AWESOME!:

  • Blackest Night #8- The conclusion of the storyline for GL/GLC and a good chunk of the DCU for the last few years. It does not disappoint. The art by Ivan Reis is just incredible, the only other artist that could have done this better would have been George Perez. [I am not the only one to say that, but I thought it as I was reading it]. You have so many great moments...


The Corps vs Black Lanterns, Hal creating the White Lantern Corps, the Anti-Monitor resurrection, the fold out pages with the other resurrections: Max Lord [uh-oh], Jade [what's Kyle gonna do], Hank Hall [sorry Holly], Captain Boomerang [a svelte looking original], Reverse-Flash [already hinted at by Flash: Rebirth], Firestorm [Jason and Ronnie?], Martian Manhunter [Yes!], Aquaman [double Yes!], the Hawks [the old/new Hawkgirl], Osiris[WTF?], and Deadman? [should that be Aliveman now?]

I can't wait for Brightest Day!

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