Saturday, May 15, 2010

Random Thoughts 12

-Siege ended and with it several titles as well as a character that has been a big part of the Marvel scene for the last ten years. The event was one of the shortest of the Marvel events lasting only four issues in about five months.

-RIP, not Ray Palmer. This is the Ryan Choi one that was introduced by Grant Morrison and then given his own series written by Gail Simone. In the new evil Titans book Deathstroke and his team kill poor Ryan. The death is criticized as being a re-Whitening of the DCU. Which I disagree with, but I do see this as a "cheap" death. There is no reason there couldn't be two Atoms. There are three Flashes and scores of Green Lanterns, four from Earth alone. There is not much chance of seeing Ryan again, just look at Adam Cray (for those of you scratching your head...he was a replacement Atom that served with the Suicide Squad)

-RIP, Sentry... well,... you either loved this guy or absolutely hated him. I pretty much didn't care once he got beyond his fake "lost" hero setup. So, no big deal for me.

-In the real world...Fantasy and science fiction artist Frank Frazetta passed away earlier this week. Not only did he contribute covers of books and magazines, but he also did design work on many films. He had been sick for a while and his family had been (and still is) engaged in a battle over ownership of his art while his health deteriorated. A sad way to pass.

-Fox renewed Human Target for another season. While NBC preformed a mercy killing on Heroes.

-Samuel Jackson's deal with Marvel includes a SHIELD movie in which he would star presumably...thus erasing the Hoff's 90's TV version from my mind

-Namor gets an ongoing series written by Stuart Moore and drawn by Ariel Olivetti. His role as a member of the X-Men will play a big part. The bad news, it's part of the X-Men vs vampires story.

- Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk were finally revealed... If you care they are Thunderbolt Ross and his daughter, Betty. I'm not even reading the books and that's so anti-climatic.

-Adult film company Vivid has announced that they are making superhero porno parodies...( I ran across this, really...I mean, it's not like I was LOOKING for this) first up is a take on the 60's Batman TV show. Although, this is a little different than just quickie porn. The director/producer has recruited fans and former crew members to put together an accurate recreation of costumes (skirting trademark issues), props and sets, even locations. This title is said to be the company's highest pre-sale title so far. To follow...Superman, Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Green Hornet.
I have to say, the porn industry has been woefully lacking in customer service , if they are just now, realizing how many comic book fanboys constitute their consumer base.

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