Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Thoughts 4-8-15-16-23-42

Yeah, it's the series finale of Lost. After six years the best show ever to air on TV is ending. So, I decided to write this as I watched it. My predictions will be in parenthesis like so..[] I also meant to "time stamp" these, but forgot.


-Hurley got in two Star Wars references in a minute. And Jacob IS worse than Yoda.

-Vincent! I can imagine the scene where Bernard says "Who's fallen into the well, Vincent?"

-Oooohhh what's Ben's endgame

-It's Juliet, I'm giddy. [Sun's gonna remember when she examines her.] I'm tearing up.

-Damn! I knew Lapidus wasn't dead! Miles, Richard and Lapidus spin-off?...

-Whoa! That's a helluva bluff, Jack.

-So Jack was married to Juliet in alterniverse.

-It was alt-Desmond all the time back on the island?

-Target ads for smoke alarm with "Smokey" and keyboard with the "hatch" quite funny

-Shannon & Boone back...that's Sayid's wake up...yep!

-Uh-Oh,...alt-Aaron is on his way [Kate's gonna deliver him again and that's their wake-up]

-BIG mistake Jack!

-"If it bleeds, we can kill it."

-[in the altiverse THEY'RE ALL DEAD]

-teared up again when Charlie and Claire reunite/remember.

-Jack's been watching 300 with that action pose going out to commercial.

-[Michael and Walt are gonna be at the end]

-Kate haters...She's not useless anymore!

-Glad alt-Locke is the real Locke, I've been missing him

-Another, Target ad... for BBQ sauce with a boar

-The longest break yet...definite scheduled bathroom break

-Duct tape solves EVERYTHING! Quick, get some to Jack so he can fix the island

-James & Juliet reunion another tearing...also echoes Jack meeting Jacob

-"See you in another life, Brother"-knew that was coming.

-Definitely in heaven look at all the religious artifacts from different religions.

-Bookend scene!

-scenes of the wreckage? WTF?

-No "Bad Robot" at the end.

-No Walt! Michael is condemned to wander the island...but, we could have seen him again. and I guess all dogs don't go to heaven (Jimmy stole my joke!)

A very satisfying end. Not all the questions were answered. The end was also open to some interpretation.

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  1. Birds of Prey #2:

    Yeah, story is now pretty whacked in this series. I hope they move past this quickly. And I guess wait for the October issue #5. Why the convoluted mess so early as issue#2 is beyond me. Art was also rushed in a lot of places. The series is green lit months ahead of time (back in February 2010) and they probably had even more lead time for the story. I’m sick of second guessing these loser comic book companies.