Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Thoughts 13

I had actually planned to do this before the Lost edition, but got too busy, so it's a little dated.

-Notice the DC Comics from the alternate world in Fringe:
  • Red Lantern/Red Arrow based on the Neal Adams cover [guess he's powered by rage]
  • Crisis On Infinite Earths #7 with Supergirl holding a dead Superman
  • Death Of Batman a switch with Superman event of 90's
  • Superman: The Man Of Steel Returns another switch of charaters

-Heroes just got canceled but it's producers are also getting sued for ripping off the storyline of the last season from the Carnival Of Souls comic book. The case is made with side by side stills and panels. Judge for yourself here.

-Finally a sad mystery involving a comic book and animated series writer is being investigated in Florida. Steve Perry (not the guitarist) and his two housemates were reported missing from the house they shared. The van belonging to Perry was found abandoned in a parking lot with several severed limbs discovered nearby. The two housemates were arrested on other unrelated charges but remain "persons of interest" in a murder investigation. Life was not going well for Perry who wrote several episodes of Thundercats and Silverhawks as well as various comics. He had been divoriced and contracted cancer. He sought help from several charities including Hero Initiative for funds towards treatment, rent and food. The house he lived in was owned by his brother-in-law(?) and had just recently forclosed. He leaves behind his ex-wife and his five year old son.

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