Friday, May 7, 2010

This Week's Comic Stack 5/5/10

The Good:

  • Brightest Day #1- While Hal, Carol and Sinestro try to figure out what's up with the White Lantern Boston Brand sees instances where the resurrected aren't quite right. Aquaman uses his power in a great scene (including the sound effect from SuperFriends) discovering he can only command the DEAD creatures of the sea. And Hawkman and Hawkgirl quest for their original bodies. A nice start. I'm glad this is every other week instead of just once a month.

  • Superman: War Of The Supermen #0- The FCBD giveaway transitions from LSONK to WOS there is a backup story that catches new readers up on events in Super books and characters

  • Superman: War Of The Superman #1- Zod leads the Kryptonians to assault the Earth. Luther left a bomb on New K which goes off and destroys the fledgling planet. Now the Kryps are even more riled up to go to Earth and take it as their own...bad news for us. I wonder if this is before or after Blackest Night [I'm saying before]. Might be interesting attacking Earth with all those lanterns around (not just the Green ones). Jamal Igle does a phenomenal job on the art.

  • Mighty Avengers #36- Things work out for Hank, although not quite as he intended. I really get a gone before it's time vibe from reading this last issue. It was cool to see a title with Hank Pym as the lead. That's really what this book was. Even though they were in the book, the Avengers were more like supporting characters. Now Hank returns to being just one of the guys. That's a little sad.

  • Secret Six #21- More of Catman's hunt for the kidnappers of his son and Black Alice freaks out on Scandal..Excellently dark.

The Alright:

  • Iron Man/Thor #1- A fairly ridiculous story (a hiccup for Fraction) with some cool interaction between the two title characters. Now, I was expecting a format similar to the 60's one-shot of Iron Man/Sub-Mariner... Characters meet or cross paths and then go on to their story in their own titles. This was not the case. The issue was no intro to the regular titles. Also, note that the Marvel giveaway is smaller than a standard comic whereas DC's free comic was the same size.

  • Uncanny X-Men #524- The team buries Nightcrawler as the all out attack on the X-Men becomes imminent. This issue is at the halfway point of the crossover. While I'm not too happy with the event of Kurt's death, I'm still kinda interested in the outcome of this story arc.

  • Zorro: Matanzas #4- This "throwback" storyline concludes. The whole story seemed to be from a forgotten arc from another series. Although, it had some clunky over narrated writing I found myself interested by the situation set up at its resolution. While not as strong as the regular series, it was still entertaining.

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