Saturday, May 1, 2010

Random Thoughts 10

-Lost without Lost this week...and realizing that there's only one more month left! [sigh] Still glad it's ending strong instead of slowly languishing.

-Watched Great Performances Hamlet with David Tennett (Dr. Who) as Hamlet and Patrick Stewart (Star Trek, X-Men) as Claudius/the Ghost. Yeah, I like Shakespeare...

-Finally saw the Hurt Locker...As much as I liked about it there was stuff I had problems with. However, it was a better, more original story than Avatar and deserved to win the Oscar.

-The Losers took the best parts of the first story arc, assembled a great cast for the Loser team and came up with an average action flick (aside from parts directly from the comic). The cast is the best part of the movie. They manage to do a lot with very little character development and seem to have had fun doing it. The one glaring exception is Jason Patric as Max, the bad guy. He's so over the top, mustache-twirlingly evil. It's so unneccessary, too. You would know how evil he is just from his setting-up the Losers. Also the sci-fi bomb/device angle took me out of the (so far "realistic") movie a bit.

-Free Comic Book Day is SATURDAY (today)!

-R.I.P.- Kurt Wagner (1975-2010)

Auf Weidersehen.... Aber, bitte kommen Sie zuruck!

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